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Date of issue – May 2018: Review date – May 2019

Why we use your personal data

SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK, on behalf of Surrey County Council, is responsible for keeping a range of external audiences informed about the Eco Park Surrey, including information on construction progress, operations and services provided. These audiences include but are not limited to:

  • Surrey residents
  • Elected members of partner public authorities
  • Employees of partner authorities
  • Employees of partner organisations
  • Employees of Surrey businesses
  • Representatives of local community organisations

We collect and use your personal data in order to communicate with you in a cost effective and timely way.

What information do we collect?

In the majority of cases we only collect your email address. In some instances we may also collect your name, address and telephone number.

Why are we allowed to use your personal data?

We collect your data when you provide it to us, either by subscribing to our newsletter, thereby giving us permission to use your email address to contact you, or if you contact us with a query or concern through the online form or via email.

If you are a local elected representative, such as a local councillor, we may also contact you as we believe the information is relevant to you and the people you represent.

If we take a photograph of you or film you, we ask for your consent to use this in the communications we undertake.

We do not share your data with anyone outside of the SUEZ Recycling and Recovery, with the exception of third party services used to provide communications.

How long do we hold your data?

We will continue to hold your data unless you tell us you would like to unsubscribe from the publication that you receive or we receive an undelivered notification. All of our publications offer the opportunity to unsubscribe or update your contact details every time they are sent out.

The photo and film consent lasts for five years after which we will re-seek your consent or no longer use the photo or film.

Third Party Services

We use software to enable us to send our newsletter. In order to be able to do this, we must transfer your email address to the third party service provider. The third party services providers are GDPR compliant and will not use your data for any other purposes, or transfer it onto anyone else.

This site is operated by Surrey County Council, so please see our corporate privacy notice and individual privacy notices for further information.


We use third-party web analytics tools to help us monitor how people use this website. Your IP address will be collected for the purpose of distinguishing between internal (staff) and external (public) usage. We do not associate your IP address with anything that is personally identifiable, so your use of this website will remain anonymous to us. To disable the collection of anonymous analytics data you can enable the "Do Not Track" setting in your browser.


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device so that a website can remember information about your visit. A cookie will typically contain the name of the website that create it, a time period for which it is valid, and a value, which is often a randomly generated and unique number.

How we use cookies

Cookies used on this website do not store any personal data and are not used to gather personal information.

We use cookies for a variety of important reasons, for example:

  • To collect statistics about your use of our website.
  • To ensure a persistent connection with the same web server in the load balancing pool.

Cookies set by our website

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Third party cookies

Some third party services embedded within this website set their own cookies. These are known as third party cookies because they are not set by our website. We have no control over the cookies that are set by third party services.

How to enable or disable cookies

We recommend that you allow all cookies set by this site as they help us provide you with a better service. If you decide to disable our cookies then you may not be able to access certain parts of our website. Information about how to enable or disable cookies is available on the All About Cookies website.