Update following fire alarms 16 June 2022

Published: 16 Jun 2022

At 12:06 am on Thursday, 16 June a fire alarm sounded in the RDF hall for four minutes. This was a false alarm and we have notified our contractor, Protec, who is carrying out works on site today.

Later, at 05:33 am a fire alarm sounded for two minutes in response to a small fire in the metals bay. The site team followed fire safety protocols and immediately extinguished the fire and silenced the alarm. Thanks to the fast reactions from site staff to the incident there was no damage to any site equipment.

Lastly, at 09:37 am the fire alarm sounded for five minutes after being triggered by the testing and works that are taking place on the alarm system today in response to the earlier false alarm.

We sincerely apologise for any disturbance these alarms may have caused our near neighbours. We are working closely with Protec to review the system and deliver a programme of works to prevent future false alarms while maintaining strict health and safety standards on site. These works are scheduled to be completed this summer.