Eco Park update - December 2021

Published: 02 Feb 2022

Both the anaerobic digestion and gasification facilities have been performing well. We have repeated reliability and minimum performance testing on the anaerobic digestion facility and have received a certificate of completion from the independent certifier.

The gasifier completed a continuous run of over two months at 95% availability, performing well and with all emissions within permitted levels. In October and November 2021 the gasifier and AD exported a combined total of over 1,700 MWh each month. The gasifier was shut down on 25 November 2021 ahead of scheduled inspections and routine annual maintenance and will be restarted in January 2022.

Landscaping is progressing on the Environmental Enhancement Area and tree and shrub planting is on track to be completed by the end of 2021 (see attached photos), with over 12,000 plants delivered. The footpath will be completed this year and will remain closed until hydroseeding and final bund formation works are completed in spring. To ensure the long-term future and health of the plant and animal life we have recently appointed the Surrey Wildlife Trust to monitor the area.

We have recently been working with the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre to undertake noise monitoring on site and in the surrounding area. We are now entering a second phase of investigation and will update on any findings or resulting actions.

Lastly, during colder weather the steam exiting the stack is more visible and we have recently been receiving increased questions and complaints incorrectly referring to the steam plume and odour as smoke. Please see our FAQ document on emissions and monitoring, which is linked in the Community information / Information for our neighbours page of this website.