Building the Eco Park

Construction programme

Building work got underway in summer 2015 and is expected to take around two years.

Construction timeline 

Monthly updates are available at the bottom of the page to allow you to follow our progress on site.

Photos of the construction progress

Community recycling centre office, building in place during site construction.

Community recycling centre

The existing community recycling centre is being improved with two new buildings.

Recycling bulking facility building

Recycling bulking facility

The recycling bulking facility will process the recyclable materials from the community recycling centre.

Anaerobic digestion facility, showing building framework during construction.

Anaerobic digestion facility

The anaerobic digestion facility will process food waste.

Demolition for start of gasification facility, showing cleared ground and construction vehicles.

Gasification facility

The gasification facility will process general waste.

As each facility is completed, it will go through commissioning. This is a process where the different parts of a building and equipment inside it are tested to ensure they are working safely and efficiently. Once this process is complete, the contractors will hand over the facility to SUEZ to begin operating it.