Who we are

SUEZ recycling and recovery Surrey (previously SITA Surrey) is building the Eco Park on behalf of Surrey County Council. It appointed M+W Group to design and build the Eco Park.

Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council is responsible for disposing of the county's household waste and aims to do so in the most efficient, economic and sustainable way possible.

As the waste disposal authority, the county council has two key roles. Firstly, it provides facilities to receive and treat and dispose of municipal waste. Secondly, it provides community recycling centres for residents to recycle and dispose of items that are unsuitable for kerbside collection.


SUEZ recycling and recovery Surrey

In September 1999, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery Surrey, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK (formerly SITA UK), was awarded a Private Finance Initiative contract by Surrey County Council to manage the recycling and disposal of Surrey's household waste for 25 years.

SUEZ works closely with the county council and the 11 district and borough councils who are responsible for collecting waste in Surrey, to increase recycling and composting rates, minimise landfill and treat general waste in the most efficient, economic and sustainable way possible.

SUEZ manages a range of facilities on behalf of the county council including 15 community recycling centres and five waste transfer and bulking facilities within the county. Each of the community recycling centres is available for the free disposal of a variety of household waste by Surrey residents and we are working to reuse and recycle as much waste as possible.

SUEZ also works with Surrey County Council to develop new facilities to manage residual waste, including the Eco Park.


M+W Group

M+W Group is the lead contractor for the Eco Park and will work with specialist sub-contractors Outotec, suppliers of the gasification technology and Monsal, suppliers of the anaerobic digestion technology.

Founded in 1912 and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, M+W Group employs around 8,500 people. It provides design, procurement, project and construction services for companies in the fields of energy, electronics, photovoltaics, battery cells, life sciences, chemicals, science and research, automotive, IT and telecoms, and space and security.



Outotec installed its first gasification unit over 30 years ago and has a wealth of technical expertise and experience in designing and operating gasification facilities. It currently has five gasification facilities that use the technology planned for the Eco Park in operation, with another facility in commissioning.



Monsal specialises in the design and delivery of anaerobic digestion facilities. It has a number of facilities in the UK that operate using food waste in Cambridgeshire, Scotland, Somerset and South Gloucestershire.