Bulking facility for recyclables

Recyclable materials collected from community recycling centres and possibly also some from homes in northern Surrey will be brought to the Eco Park's bulking facility. Together with the site's community recycling centre, the bulking facility will handle up to 42,750 tonnes a year of materials.

  • Recyclables will be delivered to the facility.
  • Inside the facility will be a series of bays for different materials e.g. paper, glass, wood, metal.
  • The recyclables will be tipped into the appropriate bay and stored here for a short time.
  • They will then be bulked into larger loads and taken to specialist processing facilities.

The Bulking facility is now open. Until the anaerobic digestion and gasification facilities are in operation it is temporarily handling the food waste and general waste that was until recently bulked in the site’s transfer station.

We have been granted permission to allow up to six loads of waste to be collected from the bulking facility between 6pm and 8pm Monday to Saturday for a temporary period until the end of 2017. This is intended to provide a contingency during the building works when the site’s capacity to handle residual waste is reduced, and is used to accommodate any short term increases in material being handled at the site.

Virtual tour of the facility